Cotswold II (Tilt & Lift) Chair


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The Cotswold Tilt & Lift chair is only available in the single motor format, which means that the chair back and footrest work in conjunction with each other whenever the chair is reclined or returned to the normal seating position.

There are no seperate controls (dual motor) to adjust the chair back or footrest position independently however,  the reclining action can be stopped at any point between the normally seated and fully reclined positions to obtain the best position for relaxing. There is a side pocket to store the handset control when not in use.

When the chair is in the fully raised up position, it greatly asists the occupant to either stand up or sit down with ease however, once returned to its normal seating position, the chair then acts as a normal power recliner chair and will recline to an almost horizontal position if desired.

The Cotswold Tilt & Lift chair is renowned for its comfort and excellent value for money, and can normally be viewed both in fabric and leather options in the HOUSE OF REEVES showroom.