Ava (Tilt & Lift) Chair


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The Ava Tilt & Lift chair is available both in single or dual motor format.

In the single motor format, the chair back and footrest work in conjunction with each other whereas with the dual motor format, the chair back and footrest work independently of each other allowing for additional adjustments to find the perfect position in which to relax whenever the chair is reclined.

When the chair is in the fully raised up position, it greatly asists the occupant to either stand up or sit down with ease however, once returned to its normal seating position, the chair acts as a fully adjustable recliner chair and will recline to an almost horizontal position if desired.

The Ava Tilt & Lift chair is not available in leather, but it can be ordered in a wide selection of fabrics.

You also have the choice of including polished teak or mahogany showood facings to add a very distinctive finish, a quality feature not normally found on this type of chair...